Thammasat University participated in the formulation of EU-Roadmap on CSO-SDG

SDG Move cooperated and participated in the series of workshops organised by IBF international consulting, financed by the European Union, to formulate civil society action plan in driving the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals between 2020-2022.

Photo by: IBF International Consulting, and European Union

For the workshop on August 19, 2020, Asst. Prof. Chol Bunnag, Faculty of Economics and director of SDG Move, was giving background on SDG and progress of SDGs at all levels to the CSO participants and discussed plans for 4 clusters.

  • (i) Activity cluster on Evidence-based information/data for monitoring by CSOs and Preparation of an Independent Report on SGDs,
  • (ii) Activity cluster on Monitoring Government Implementation on SDGs,
  • (iii) Activity Cluster on Building Alliances on SDGs, and
  • (iv) Activity Cluster on Public Communications on SDGs by CSOs.

SDG Move play roles in supporting capacity building for CSOs and responsible for cluster (i) of the CSO-SDG plan.

Please see the policy brief in the document:

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