Thammasat University Collaborating with ONEP in the Revision of the Thailand SCP Roadmap

In October 2020, Office of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) published the first revised version of Thailand Sustainable Consumption and Production Roadmap. This revision is a collaboration between Thammasat University and ONEP.

The purpose is to incorporate SDG 12 indicators as well as the related Master Plan for the National Strategy (2018-2037) into the previous version of the Roadmap which was drafted and implemented before the completion of the Master Plans of the National Strategy. Moreover, the revised roadmap was also designed to show more interconnectedness between sustainable consumption and sustainable production, i.e. all SCP sectors need to work together to achieve the SCP-related SDG goals (meaning SDG 12 and other related goals such as SDG 2 on food system, SDG 11 on building and constructions, SDG 4 on education for sustainable development and SDG 8 on sustainable tourism).

Asst. Prof. Chol Bunnag from Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, and Director of SDG Research and Support Programme was working in collaboration with ONEP team and other stakeholders.

Please see the Revised SCP Roadmap below:

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