Energy-efficient renovation and building at Thammasat

One of the building that got Energy Saving Building Design awards in 2016 named Visit-Auksorn. This building was later built and designed under the concept of Thai Green Building Institute (TGBI). This led this building to have functions that fitting well with 8 categories of the TGBI.

(1) Building Management (BM) got full score of 3.

(2) Side and Landscape (SL) got 9 of 16 scores.

(3) Water Conservation (WC) got 4 of 6 scores.

(4) Energy and Atmosphere (ES) got full score of 20.

(5) Materials and Resources (MR) got 3 of 13 scores.

(6) Indoor Environmental Quality (IE) got 7 of 17 scores.

(7) Environmental Protection (EP) got 3 of 5 scores. And

(8) Green Innovation (GI) got full score of 5. In summary, this building have got 54 scores, which is in the range of “GOLD Class” presented by TGBI.

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