Thammasat Investing in Electric Vehicles for In-Campus Public Transportation

At Rangsit Campus, Thammasat has supported daily free service buses to officers and staffs for more than 20 years, including motorcycle taxi services for more than 15 years. And when Thammasat at Rangsit has stepped on sustainable campus, in 2019, everyone could find electric motorcycle services (both hire and taxi), where electricity for charging comes from solar panel.

This year, 2020, Thammasat has signed contract with private sector to build 10 electric buses for service in 10 routes every working days since mid-year 2021. This year also, it will have another contract with another private sector to build 20 electric shuttle buses for routine service in Rangsit Campus everyday from 0630 am to 2000 pm. This service will operate in mid-year 2021. This both cases, Thammasat will provide charging station, where electricity comes from both solar cell and electricity grid.

Please see related document here:

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