Thammasat Pattaya’s EECmd Project – Smart Campus and Medical Hub

According to Assoc.Prof.Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University, and Assoc.Prof.Md.Kammal Kummar Pawa, Vice Rector for Special Affairs, the future goal of Thammasat University, Pattaya campus is to become a Medical Hub, have Digital Hospital driven by AI, and to become a Smart Campus.

Dr. Nattadon Pannucharoenwong, Assistant to the Rector for Administration, Thammasat University Pattaya campus, reveals that “Thai medical services are growing steadily, thus Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus aims to become an Academic Hub, a Medical Hub and a Service Hub for a full range of medical services.”

“Plus, we aim to establish strategies to become an i-Campus @Pattaya. For example, we will create a smart bus stop, smart trash can with a sensor system, use electric vehicles (EV), produce pure energy with Solar Roof and Float Solar cells, and be a Smart Campus model that will be a Paperless Campus in the future,” Dr Nattadon adds.

Thammasat University Hospital, Pattaya campus, is located on “EECmd, Thammasat University, Pattaya campus”. The university’s goal is to be a digital hospital and use software such as patient application, Telecare, electronic medical record, Beacon system @ Wifi with queuing system and patient service system.

The hospital will adopt IOT (Internet of Things) and medical AI like robotics to give patient service instead of non-skill labors. In the future, the university also plans to establish a Medical Robot training center to support diploma courses from Chulabhorn International College of Medicine.

Dr. Nattadon Pannucharoenwong also explains that the operation of Smart Campus or Smart City consists of Smart Environment, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart People.

The teaching section will focus on the Advance Digital Learning Environment and providing international courses and bilingual courses in Medical Science, Engineering, and Science, and Technology. The variety of courses intends produce efficient personnel into the labor market in accordance with being “EECmd Thammasat University Pattaya campus”.

The Faculty of Science and Technology will be responsible for teaching and learning basic courses. For the internships, Thammasat University will send students for internships in organizations and agencies in the Eastern region.

Moreover, it was planned to establish Thammasat University, Pattaya campus, to be a regional examination center for various examinations by cooperating with other organizations.

The academic cooperation and development of cooperation in various forms with external agencies are still in the process of discussing and preparing a memorandum of cooperation.

GISTDA is cooperation on short-term course development, knowledge sharing, curriculum development, teaching and technology transfer, research and innovation that aims to develop manpower in the form of Re- skill, Up-skill, and New-Skill in response to the EEC.

DEPPA is for establishing a digital human development institute.

Rayong Hospital is cooperating on producing doctors and Doctor of Medicine programs with Chulabhorn International College of Medicine.

Thammasat University, Pattaya campus also aims to become a research center of excellence and social service in the Eastern region.

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