Neutral and Safe Space for Political and Social Expression

Thammsat University has been recognized as an open space for political and social movement since the founding of university. Students, Academias, Staffs have freedom to express different ideas or opinions toward political and social issues, There are many public seminars or open discussions organized by students or professors regularly. 

More importantly as the political tension in Thailand has been developing, Thammasat University Council, the highest governing body of the university, officially announced that the university accepts and protects the right to freedom of expression and adhere to the peaceful approach. The announcement was made after Thammasat student protest explicitly called for the reform of the royal institution on August 10, 2020.

Any public discussion, not to mention criticism, related to the monarchy has been a taboo in Thai society since the 1976 student massacre. Therefore the announcement of the university council showed the commitment of Thammasat University for being a neutral and safe space for expression.

Please see related documents and websites below:

Examples of such seminars are the followings:

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