Reducing Carbon Emission from Within-University Transportation

Since 2012, Thammasat has launched the programme to reduce the number of cars and motorcycle used in university, and increased the number of sharing bicycles, bicycle routes, and length of bicycle lane. In 2020, Thammasat has already got the new bicycle batch and also the service station for students and staffs convenience. This also includesContinue reading “Reducing Carbon Emission from Within-University Transportation”

Towards Higher Energy-Efficient Buildings

(Thammasat has got eight Energy Saving Building Design awards from Ministry of Energy since 2016. These awards have led some faculties and institutes to improve or refurbish their buildings to be higher energy efficiency. Since October 2016, Thammasat has launched the solar roof top installation project for reducing the cost of electricity and increasing theContinue reading “Towards Higher Energy-Efficient Buildings”

Energy-efficient renovation and building at Thammasat

One of the building that got Energy Saving Building Design awards in 2016 named Visit-Auksorn. This building was later built and designed under the concept of Thai Green Building Institute (TGBI). This led this building to have functions that fitting well with 8 categories of the TGBI. (1) Building Management (BM) got full score ofContinue reading “Energy-efficient renovation and building at Thammasat”