TU103: Life and Sustainability

Thammasat University offers General Education courses to all Thammasat students. One of the courses is TU103: Life and Sustainability. TU103 consists of 3 modules, i.e. Economic, Built Environment, and Environmental Science. Each module covers 5 weeks. Active learning combining with lecture is the main approach for teaching this course.

Economic module review the history of unsustainability both in Thailand and at global level. It introduces global challenges especially climate change and global initiatives to tackle sustainability problems such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement. Economic theories and real world measures are introduced to the students. Using the knowledge, the students are assigned in group to tackle sustainability problem of their own choice.

Built environment module is provided by faculty of architecture and urban planning. Interrelationship between physical environment and social dynamics is introduced. Students will be learning about sustainability in relations to built environment at all levels from sustainable buildings to resilient cities. The students are assigned as a group to work on learning activities related to design and sustainability.

Environmental science module focuses on general understanding and sustainability challenges of different natural resource sectors, such as water, forest, food and agriculture. It also introduces the students to technological and scientific measures for tackling global challenges such as tools for measuring carbon footprints and the process of Environmental Impact Assessment.

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