Urban Futures & Policy Lab joined UKNA in the SEANNET program

From 2017-2020, Urban Futures and Policy Lab, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University participated in the four-year initiative of Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) on research, teaching, and dissemination of knowledge on Asia through the prism of the city and urban communities in the program called the Southeast Asia Neighbourhoods Network (SEANNET), funded by the Henry Luce Foundation (New York, USA).

According to the Urban Futures’ website,

“The program supports the development of contextualized knowledge on the spatio-human environment of neighborhoods in six select Southeast Asian cities through participative field-research, in situ policy roundtables, local capacity building exercises, academic conferences, publications, documentary films and new syllabi.

The aim of this micro-local framework of scholarly and civic engagement is to generate alternative, generalisable paradigms on city neighborhoods. The second ambition of the programme is to shape and empower a community of early career scholars and practitioners working on/from Southeast Asia who will contribute to the growing body of humanistically informed knowledge on Asian cities.”

Asst. Prof. Boonanan Natakun from Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University is the researcher from Urban Futures and Policy Lab, and contributed one of the six case studies in this project. The six case studies included Mawlamyine in Myanmar; Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand; Manila in the Philippines; Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam; Surabaya in Indonesia. Asst. Prof. Boonanan contributed the case of “Wat Kae Nang Leong”, Bangkok Thailand.

Please see the website for more details of the case studies and the project.



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