16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference

On November 11-15, 2019, Thammasat University collaborated as a partner organisation in organising the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference, the hosts of which were International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and Volunteer Spirit Network (VSN). Other partner organisations included Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Khon Thai Foundation, and Why I Why Foundation.

The conference was organised under the theme “UNLOCKING THE POWER OF VOLUNTEERING”, under which there were 5 sub-themes

  1. Make the Invisible Visible: Presenting case studies and research that highlight power of community participation and ownership and the changes that sustain in the community
  2. Simple but not simpler: Sharing inspiring practices when dealing with challenges and how to overcome them.
  3. Stronger together: Driving a powerful conversation where global and local leadership organisations for volunteering, NGOs, corporations, government, civil society and academia join to help shape the kind of future we want for volunteering and how all sectors can work together to realise that future.
  4. Flipping SDGs Conversation: Discussing how we can encourage and provide accessibility to people from all levels to engage in volunteerism. Also, what does ‘leave no-one behind’ mean for volunteering today? – how is volunteering reaching into the lives of the poorest people. 

Please see the detail of the event here: http://iaveap2019.org/

Please see role of Thammasat University here: http://iaveap2019.org/about-us/

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