Thammasat University recognises Student Union and Student Council since 1979

Since 1979, Thammasat University recognises the role of Student Union and Student Council by providing democratic elections for both types of student governing bodies. Annually, Thammasat Students elect their own representatives directly through election without interference from university.

The Student Union is responsible for administering and facilitating all matters regarding student activities, such as clubs and each faculty’s student committee. The matters regarding student activities include the allocation of financial activity support from the university, rules for governing club activities, facilitation for the faculty’s student committees, and other policies and activities promoting students’ well-being.

The Student Council checks and balances the propositions of the Student Union (e.g. policies, allocation of the financial support, etc.). The council also plays role in evaluating the Student Union’s performance and has the power (2/3 of the council members) to impeach and remove the Student Union from duty.

In recent years, The Student Union and Council play more important roles in protecting student rights in university and promoting democracy and freedom of expression, not only in the university but also in Thai society.

Please see detail of the university’s regulation here.

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