Participatory body for stakeholder engagement for the “Best Community Welfare Fund/organization Awards”

In 2019 to January 2020, Puey Ungpakorn School of Development Study (PSDS) initiated the Award giving project: the “Best Community Welfare Fund/organization Awards”. The process for the organization of this project was operate by a participatory body for stakeholder engagement, involving partners at several levels.

The objectives of the awards were (1) to give a recognition and admiration for the outstanding community welfare fund/organizations; (2) to strengthen the network and the organizations using the Awards as a kind of experience sharing platform: and (3) to increase public awareness on the social welfare policies in accordance with Puey Ungpakorn ideas.

The partner organizations include Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement Under the Royal Patronage, the National sub-committee for the promotion of community fund, the National Community Fund Network, Moral Center, Community Organizations Development Institute, and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

The awardees received funding to strengthen their community welfare fund. For running this program, the participatory process was divided to 3 levels, provincial level, regional level, and national level. It involved so many multi-stakeholders to promote and support program.

PSDS has been a part of the National sub-committee for the promotion of community fund since 2016, providing academic support and research to the committee. Asst. Prof. Jitti Mongkolchaiaranya, the dean from 2016-2020, had been a member of the committee and brought PSDS and its expertise into the sub-committee since.

Please see the detail of the award here:

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