Thammasat Zero Waste Policies

Since 2011 until present day, Thammasat University implemented a set of announcements, policies and activities to minimize disposable items as a part of Thammasat Zero Waste Policies. Here are some of the concrete examples:

  • Since 2011, Thammasat has Implemented Paperless meeting policy: Policy to replace hardcopy printing with e-document in university and faculty level meetings.
  • In 2019, Thammasat has policy on materials used for ceremonial pedestal trays, to replace flowers with useful items such as stationary and small sport equipments, so that those items can be later donated to schools around the area
  • Other projects to reduce the use of deposable items include: ‘Pinto’ (reusable Lunch box) project / reusable cloth bag project; minimization of disposable items from events / Thammasat Refill Shoppe Project
  • Online meeting policy
  • Thammasat issued ‘Zero Waste Campus Handbooks’ as a tool for the whole campus to apply to their operation.

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