Extending disposable policy to outsourced services: MOU with CPALL

0n July 5, 2018, Thammasat signed MOU with 30 thai universities, in the name of Sustainable University Network (SUN), and CPAll, the largest supply-chain convenient stores (7-Eleven), for the initiative on reduction of single use plastics on campus.

The MOU was signed at Thammasat University, with representative from Pollution Control Department witnessing the signing. The initiative was planned to be tracked by mobile phone application, created by another private sector company (Kid Kid company limited).

The measures stated in the MOU are as follows:

  1. By default, plastic bag will not be given unless the product is hot. The store may sell plastic bags or prepare bags for borrow, or any other measures depending on agreement between the university and the company;
  2. Reducing number of plastic cups by 7-Eleven reducing 2 baht per cup to motivate customers to bring their own cups;
  3. By default, plastic spoons, forks, and straws will not be given to customers automatically. The cashier staff must ask customer first if they want one;
  4. Universities in this MOU and the company will stop using foam-based utensils in 7-Eleven and in-university canteen or restaurants.

Please see the MOU below:

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