Thammasat University recognises Student Union and Student Council since 1979

Since 1979, Thammasat University recognises the role of Student Union and Student Council by providing democratic elections for both types of student governing bodies. Annually, Thammasat Students elect their own representatives directly through election without interference from university.

Elected representation on the university’s highest governing body

Thammasat University is governed by several governing bodies. At the highest level, Thammasat University Council is the main governing body. The members of the university council consist of several stakeholders. Elected representatives of key internal stakeholders, namely, faculties and university staff, are also included as members of the council.

TU Say No To Sexual Harassment on Campus

In November 2019, Thammasat University, UN Women, and domestic partner such as Thai Health Promotion Foundation and NGOs on gender and health issues, launched a project to end sexual harassment on campus under a concept “Generation Equality”. Thammasat University is the first university in the region on this issue.

Viva City: TU Counselling

As stress from studies and university life becomes more challenging for students, in 2019, Thammasat University established “Viva City: TU Counselling” to provide counselling to students in need. This service is provided by Student Affairs Department in cooperation with experts from Department of Psychology, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University.

Thammasat Sport Facilities

Thammasat University prioritises wellbeing of its students, faculties and staff. Therefore, it provides health-supporting environment and facilities. Thammasat University provides international-standard sport facilities, which can be used for multiple purposes, from organising national and international level sport competitions, to seminar and recreation events.

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